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By TalbotWoods
#471650 This is why you do things in writing, and not on the phone.

Accordingly to the post you discussed the the Deed, which we and you solicitor had told you could be dealt with by a new deed, but you have inferred there was no discussion about the Restriction.

Unless you TELL them in writing that the Form J Restriction is still in place, they wont do a thing. And they certainly wont do anything over the phone, and because it was over the phone you don't have a leg to stand on as next time you call them, or write to them as you will end up dealing with someone different.

Sorry but this is why I wrote "Email/Write (initially phone to make sure you send the information to the right departments) to the Insolvency Services", to avoid any confusion like this happening.

But moving back to the point in hand, The restriction would have been placed by the OR, and that is about step 30 in any bankruptcy procedure where there is a family home involved or any other property that could be an asset.

Read this, but beware there is a HUGE difference between a bankruptcy Restriction, mentioned first as NOT being applicable, and the Form J Restriction, which is what the OR placed on the property and is covered a bit later on, and this is also what converted the Joint Tenancy to Tenants in Common.

http://www.insolvencydirect.bis.gov.uk/ ... 20Rest.htm

Suggest that you read Section 5

If it was a court ordered restriction, then the Land Registry may refuse to tell you who placed it.