Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By mickyh
#3412 Hi ive been reading up on all the ways to get some help with my ever increasing debt, And think bankruptcy would be the best way for me to,
Im living at home with my parents,and my dad has told me I cant go bankrupt at his house becasue it will blacklist the address for credit, Is this true. I need to find some info on this so i can print it out and show him. many thanks in advance
#3417 Hello

Can only 'advise' through my experience of debt, and someone will soon be along to correct me if I'm wrong....but I think
nowdays credit files are linked to an individual, not an address, and you can get a 'disassociation' put on your credit file so that no-one living at your address will be affected by your credit.

Before going any further, have you acctually sought advice from anyone (such as the CAB or National Debtline), to check that bankruptcy would in fact be your best option? (If you were to go ahead you will be asked this anyway).