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#318483 Hi all,

I split from my ex in November 2010. We had a joint bank account which he signed over to me so that it was a sole account, and which is due to be closed 27/12/12 as I have switched banks.

My question is, do I still need a notice of disassociation? I've not got my CRF yet, and don't really want to have to fork out to do this at this point. I'd have thought that the fact the joint account was signed over to me (there was no debt on it) and is now going to be closed would be proof enough? I do know he has debts though or at least he did as the letters were coming here. That stopped about 18 months ago and he's been removed from the electoral role at this address (one of the first things I did).

Any advice would be great, thanks

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#318493 As a rule you only need a NoD if there is a joint financial arrangement showing that is active. Such as a joint loan, or joint bank account.

OK that sounds simple, and as we know life isn't alwasy that simple. You have implied that they have debts and are being chased for them, so, I would strongly recommend obtaining a copy of your credit files, both Equifax and Experian, to see if any adverse information has been posted.

Get the CRF, and if there is negative information then you can challenge this, only if you reach the stage that it cannot be removed (i.e. it is factually correct) then you put a NoD in place, but if you DIDNT have any other joint finaces then you may well be OK.

As I say get a copy of them and see what they say.

#318513 Thanks for the advice.

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