Questions and Info relating to Property Issues inc, Charging Orders and Repossession

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By LarnerM
#296313 myself and my ex wife went to court and a court order was drawn up in regards to the maritial home. She moved out in April 2007 and hasnt paid a penny towards the property since. The court order all sided with her the top end valuation was used and the property has been marketed for 6 months with one viewing. The mortgage company then started repossession proceeding and last week was the final day. The only way is for this property to be repossessed beccause it will not sell. I have since found out that she is now moving back in to do the property up and will be paying £200 pm until it is sold. This is the monthly payment plus some off the arrears. She has told me she will not be accepting any offers and will only sell when the asking price is offered. Properties of this type in that area on average sell for £80-85k mine is up for £99,950. This is the only financial tye we now have and will have forever more as it will not sell. I need advise on what to do I am at my witts end. Do I need to go back to court and have the court order changed for the asking price or that she must accept offers or that she can only live there until it is done up, I have asked her to buy me out and she said no chance, She is sitting pretty really, Should I also be making token payments towards the mortgage. I earn very little and can only afford £5-£10 pm.