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By red24
#289653 Havent been here for a long, long time, had other things to keep me challenged unfortunately.
Ive only just realised it is over 6 years since my DMP started and i should be checking my files.
I remember applying to Experian and another one to see my records for the free trial ages ago, is it possible to have another free trial or do I now have to subscribe.
Always wary of doing that because of the monthly subs.
By red24
#289873 Hey you guys, someone must know the answer to this, its all new to me so I havent got a clue.
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By TalbotWoods
#289903 Hand on heart, haven't got a clue. I know mine lapsed for a few months and then I reactivated the account, didn't get another freebie, so I suspect it is a one time offer
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By submariner
#289973 I'm pretty sure you can sign up again and get a free month (or whatever time it might be now).

After all, they hope you'll either be so impressed with the service that you stay...

Or just forget to cancel... :wink:
By red24
#290043 OK thanks, I will see if I can find my log in stuff and give it a try. I seem to remember you can't re-register cos it says you already have.
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By TalbotWoods
#292223 OK I'll admit Noodle is free, but it is run by CallCredit, who are notoriously bad at maintaining correct data.

For example, in my case when I went bankrupt, I updated all my CRFs and got all the Default dates altered, Experian and Eqifax did it without a problem, CallCredit argued the toss, and virtually wanted me to provide my inside leg measurements!

Even now there are massive incorrect entries on the Call Credit file, and they refuse to update, for instance they have an address down as being in completely in the wrong town, even though that was from the Electoral Register, and they confirm that there information is wrong, and they acknowledge that it is there mistake ..... but hay ho, they want ME at MY expense to get the electoral officer to re-notify them. Sorry but that on is with the ICO!

So be wary, free is not always best!!!
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By submariner
#292253 Unfortunately, there's no getting away from it: Call Credit are a joke compared with the other two CRAs.

Does any worthwhile company actually use them? In my experience, they are consistently wrong - and as the other two are both generally correct and responsive if there're incorrect, why bother with a "joke" agency.

Just my view IMHO of course!
#292263 You may be able to get another free trial with experian. Try using a different email address as the subscriber.

Alternatively if you did want to view from them as they are the most trust worthy source, you could always sign up for the month which is and £15 then immediately call to cancel which will take effect from the following month and you still have access. I did it :)
By red24
#292653 Just my comment on the Call Credit issue.
We rented this property through a high street agent who used this company.
We had a CCJ back in 2008 which was paid off in full but showed on their system as still owing, well that didnt go down well when we had provided this information as having none outstanding.
Unfortunately I didnt have any proof that it had been cancelled and had to go to all the trouble of getting this to show the agent.

Yes why do companies use them??