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By Muzz123
#280333 Hi, Well i've finally had that lightbulb moment staying on am in the process of admitting to the world that I am a financial mess and that things have been getting steadily worse over the last year of two. I'm sick of having to rob Peter to pay Paul just like my parents before me :cry:

Was near enough back on the level 3 years ago when my marrige broke up (to tell the truth it should never had happened in the first place.) Ended up taking out a loan to consolidated debts and also forgot to cut up and close CC accounts :roll:
Got in tow with someone else later who somehow moved in with her son and eventually ended up with her owing me £3000 for her business
and ended up with her having an affair whilst at trade shows and me at home looking after her son (long story) she was asked to leave.
So a year later sick of having to continually tighten the belt i've had enough and am trying to formulate a plan on getting Debt free.

To date i'm approx £26,000 in debt of which £10,000 is a bank loan with 4 years to go and £16,000 is on the old CC.

I pay as much as I possibly can afford each month. I am NOT in any arrears and have been shuffling cards so they are all on 0% APR and at 1% min payback with the exception of one BarclayCard which is 2% min payback (dizzy begger didnt click at time ) All the cards have been cut up and my emergency one is in safe keeping.
I havent approached anyone/ agencies for help at all .

Any advice would be more than greatfully appreciated

thanks Muzz
By wisernow
#280393 Hi,My advice would be to contact either Payplan or cccs for further advice before the situation gets worse.These two organizations are non fee charging and will give you good advice.Good luck.
And dont forget the wealth of experience on this Forum