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By sniktar
#274833 1. Do you get the discount for getting gas and eletric from the same company?
2. Do you get the discount for fuel bills in-line (using internet)
3. If alone - do you get the 25% discount on Council Tax?
4. Have you been to get a FULL Benefit Check - telephone helplines or CAB will do this for free
5. Are you paying a company to deal with your debts? Why - Payplan, CAB, National Debtline or CCCS etc will do it for free!
6. Are you giving in to calls from creditors and agreeing repayments you cannot afford? Then go to the above agencies for help - you do NOT have to pay under threat
7. Do you have a household budget - you will if you go to the agencies above - then live to it and things will improve
8. Have you got a water meter? Get one!
9. Are you being threatened with Court action? Get help from any of the above. The Courts are not agaiunst you!
10. Are you having difficulty finding the money for a DRO or Bankruptcy, contact a reliable adviser - they MAY be able to help
By chandjay
#275113 Definitely agree about the water meter.
I used to pay £32 a month for my water. Seven months ago, I had a water meter fitted, and my bill has just arrived for the last THREE MONTHS(I asked for a quarterly bill) and it is £53.
We've been paying £32 a month for the last two and a half years, when we had no need to have been paying anywhere near that.

P.S. Mind you, the missus has taken to p*ssing in the bath instead of the toilet every time she wants to go.
Don't knock it - it saves money.
By Devon Debt
#275453 Couldn't agree more with the water meter. Down 'ere in Devon we have to pay £60 per month if not on a meter and about £35 if not. :?
By nigpet
#277153 Chandjay, your money saving tips are becoming too much, we don't want any more, or at least not in that much detail!!