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By neilb1980
#238185 Hi all,

I have just managed to talk DL&C to take a Full and Final from £1500 down to £500 and there show my CF as satisfied.

They originally would only take it down to £1200 but as soon as i mentioned that it was the last resort and a family member was helping me out and if the companies fail to agree F&F with me then i'm thinking of going BR they said i'll speak to my manager came back and agreed the £500 so i'm now waiting for a letter off them to confirm this once received another creditior bites the dust!! Stick to your guns and your come out on top... Only four more creditors to go...!!? :P

By neilb1980
#239383 Update: Just had another one crumble £3570 debt and they took £1360 Full and Final. It's only just gone to there solicitors in house i basically said how this is a last option and if the offer isnt accepted the looks like ill have to go BR. Just thought i'd update my fellow forum buddies.

Only 3 to go now!!! Watch this space....