Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By indy2005
#208663 I have a face to face interview at the end of the month, 8 months into BR, to discuss my gambling/spreadbetting.

Just spoke to a guy who is representing me, and he has told me this is quite unusual and a BRU is normally sent through the post. It was also mentioned he has come across these type of interviews if a complaint has been made against you?

Why do I feel like a criminal again...? I was foolish, but not a criminal.... I sent them my spreadbetting account details and statements, even though I didn't have to, so they have had all the info they need. I have already had a face to face last June.

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By TalbotWoods
#208666 He also forgot to mention to you, that interviews like this are very often conducted, when there is borderline evidence that a BRU could be issued.

Yes there will be tough questions, and he will want honest answers for you, he may well also be concerned that someone representing you may have been economical with certain facts.

For example if you had stopped gambling a few month before bankruptcy, but voluntarily entered into some form of support, he may want to know more about that support, and IF it is strong enough may waive a BRU ...... It does happen.

90% of these follow up interviews take place simply because there are things that do not make sense to the OR, and 99% of those are because someone else represented you ...... the OR want to hear the facts from YOU.

Do not loose sleep over this, I would strongly suspect it is the OR fact finding directly from you, rather than following up a complaint (Which is extremely rare in personal bankruptcies).

By indy2005
#208672 Hi,

Thanks. THats good to know. Are you saying theres even a possibility I may not get even one?

I spoke to my examiner about 6 months ago and he said I was probably low end of middle band (6 years....!).

#208689 Tim is pretty much on the money here.

The current focus in may regions is on BRO's and cases that may become BROs if resources were allocated to them.

Some offices are therefore trying to firm up cases or get rid of them if they are weak.

Gambling is nigh on impossible to get a BRO for nowadays as the rules are making the hoops higher and smaller.

Your case would have been flagged as FI ( further investigation) some time ago and I suspect that the interview is to fill in missing gaps and whilst it may sound odd get the info necessary to dump it, but, i could be wrong. How much £was the gambling accusation?

I will post more on the new policy re gambling on thurs daytime