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By opsins
#205112 Has anyone been able to get an iPhone with O2?

I have been with O2 for years and never missed a payment, so when my phone came up for renewal I was told by O2 that I could get an iPhone if I went into one of their stores to apply. In store everything went through ok on their system and it said I was eligible for the phone but that they had to use a credit or debit card to verify my address before they could hand over the handset...however my Co-op Cashminder Debit card did not work for this purpose. Has anyone else had the same experience and how did they get around this?

By foolishboy
#205322 Are you sure the CoOp card doesn't work? They used mine to verify my address but I failed the credit check :(

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By elmeck
#206633 Hi

I managed it after being Discharged 2 years and with all 3 Credit Files correctly showing no outstanding balances and satisfied Pre-BR accounts.

I am sure I have read that some people have managed less than this and some poeple still cannot, even after being Discharged longer.

For a lot of normal financial services post BR (credit agreements, loans, mortgages, full bank accounts etc.) it still seems to be a bit of a lottery for most poeple with most things.

Only suggestion is to try and and see and don't be disappointed if you are turned down as you wouldn't be the only one.

Even now (Discharged 3 years+) I cannot get accepted by Crapitol One even though I have a small car loan, Vanquis credit card with £2500 limit (used to re-build credit rating only), catalogue account, mobile phone contract and full bank account..................all accounts maintained corrrectly and fully :shock: