Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By zzrlaura
#205540 I'm in court on 21st Nov. I'm so scared that i've been putting off going through my paperwork, but realise that I need to sort myself out and get cracking with it. I know things will be better afterwards.

I was wondering what paperwork I need to take along with me. How many months worth of bank statements do I need? How many months credit card statements do I need?

Also, there is a single sheet form entitled 'Debtors BR Petition'. It looks a bit too legal for me. Will someone at the court help me fill that bit in, or will my appointment be cancelled if it's not already done?


By gardener
#205542 People used to take paperwork with them when they got to see the OR on the same day. I don't think that is usual these days though actually I don't know how you find out. Maybe ring your court? Otherwise you just need your forms filled in (but don't sign until you get to court and do it in front of the clerk) and your money. The OR then sends you a letter saying what he/she would like sent to them.

You are supposed to fill the form in and the clerk just checks over it . The CAB will help or you can just post your questions here. Or ring the insolvency helpline.
By zzrlaura
#205546 Thanks Gardener

Another question I have is: Is it OK to put on the form that hubby (self-employed) lost a large contract (our main money), therefore he can't help me pay my debts anymore? Would that be a good reason? Is it wise to involve him?
By johnny 73
#205550 you dont really need any paperwork with you other than the application forms in triplicate (you can use photocopies, but one must be in ink) and your fee money

if you are on JSA/income support or guarantee pension credit and are applying for an exemption you'll need a letter from the DWP confirming your entitlement and this muist be less than a month old

the clark at the court will help with the single sheet part, or at least in my experiences at court they always have.

you can state your partners employment difficulties as being a contributing factor to your application. although the debts arent his, the fact that he's not able to help you pay towards them anymore is relevant to your circs
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By fraggle
#205556 When I phoned the court today I had a list of questions to ask. They were really helpful. They said that all I needed to bring was the payment and forms. They said they would check over them for me to make sure I had filled everything in ok before they were passed to the judge.

When I got the forms from the court there were several help sheets telling me step by step accounts of what the process involved.

On my forms I have written that one of the main factors of me going bankrupt is that my husband has had a slipped disc for a year now. His income has been dramatically reduced.

Hope this helps. :boat: