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By ukman
#205101 I need an urgent answer to this please:

If I was to move to the USA and apply for a cred car for example would Experian and Equifax, which both operate in the States only check my US cred record (which would be prety blank). Or would they automatically bring up all results on my details worldwide so that the US lender automatically finds out about my poor credit in the UK?

Both Experian and Equifax operate in the US as well.
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By TalbotWoods
#205109 In answer to this and the other questions you have asked, all that can be said is:

As a rule each country has its own version of the CRFs, and as such they only apply to the individual country.

However, the way financial information is stored, and the increased use of IT, cannot preclude information within companies being shared.

For example, a lot of the banks and credit card companies are international, and when you joint them you will find you have given permsission for that information to be stored by not only them, but their parent company.

So .... no information held in the UK, (which is under UK law), should be shared, but under US law it can be very different (even on a state by state basis). And by applying for accounts in the US you will automatically come under US laws!!

Also I beleive that some of the US banks and lenders are asking permission to check your UK record, and if you refuse that will obviusoly affect any decision they make.

Debts and Fianance are moving more and more global, so you also need to be aware that even by moving to the states, that may not end your debt problems, already a few members have been chased into the courts in the US for UK debts.