Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By tootie
#201997 Went BR 3rd week in August and have been informed that my OR interview won't be for another 5 weeks :roll:

This seems a really long time between the two? Is this normal or do you think it is because they are really busy at the moment.

Stress returning in bucket loads....

:( :(
By tootie
#202078 Problem is now that the OR hasn't yet sent out letter telling creditors and I am being hit with default letters and a really heavy influx of telephone calls.

I have told them I am BR but they are saying they will continue to call/write until they have official letter as they don't believe me.

I know that default letters are not a big problem but now that I am BR, can they still go for ccj or charging orders as that is what is being threatened by several of the 'nicer' ones!!!

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By Yogi Bear
#202080 You could send them all a photocopy of your Bankruptcy Order. The OR will get round to doing it 'officially' but for the cost of the copy and a stamp, it might cut down some of the aggravation in the meantime.

Don't worry about applications for CCJs and Charging Orders. All your debts and your assets are now legally under the control of the OR, so the Court would simply throw them out.
By tootie
#202096 Thank you Yogi, that has put my mind at rest.

By johnny 73
#202133 a five week wait for an OR interview doesnt seem unusually long from cases i've seen.

i agree that you should send copies of the bankruptcy order to the creditors along with a note stating that if they continue to hassle you after receiving the order you'll notify the O/R

if you look at it from their perspective, anyone could tell a creditor theyve gone bankrupt as an avoidance technique, so they may be right to be sceptical. however, if you send them proof, they have no excuse for further contacting you