Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By skintdom
#201875 Hi ,

I am just wondering whether it is possible to get given an income payments arrangement towards the end of BR? I have been BR since May and will be AD in May 2009 and do not have an IPA, I just pay my tax ammount to them.
I am currently pregnant and I'm unsure if and when I legally need to notify the OR? I am desperately hoping for an ED in Nov/dec and I am wondering whether this would have any affect on the possibility of an ED.
Also, how would a change of living situation affect my BR presuming I did not get an ED and was still undischarged next year - If say in Jan or Feb time, my living situation changed and rather than living on my own, I then lived with my partner, could I then be given an IPA that would go on for several years given the fact that I would then only be paying half the ammount of rent than before? Even though I would obviously have other baby related expenses?

Sorry , this has gone on a bit!

If anybody has experience of this situation or has any comments, would love to hear from you....
By gardener
#201876 You can get an IPA anytime during your first year of bankruptcy, unless of course you've been discharged early. I got one I think 9 months into my year because I got a payrise. If there is a change in your income, up or down, you are supposed to notify the OR if you are still bankrupt or still paying an IPA. With a baby on the way it sounds like the advantage of moving in with a partner, income-wise, would balance out.
By butterfly
#201889 Hi Skintdom, as far as I know you need to tell the OR of any changes to your adress or income within 21 days of the change. Sure someone more knowledgeable will come along later. I agree that with a new baby on the way (CONGRATULATIONS) any extra income will probably dissappear into the nappy/formula/highchair etc etc pot. Good luck with everything, butterfly.
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By MrsT
#201893 I went BR when I was single, and have since let hubby move back home. As I do not have an income, an IPA is not payable - its my BR, not OH's so although he makes the contribution to the household I do not have a sufficient income to pay anything (my income consists of child benefit and child tax credit).

I did have to complete a new IPOQ form when I notified the OR of the changes to my circumstances, but that was about it. I am also pregnant and included a "baby fund" into my I&E, but I think that was only really accepted because I have not been imposed with an IPA! But try it anyway. The worst they can say is no.

But the time your OH moves in with you, I assume that you will have left work to go on maternity leave, so no income really (assuming you are only going to get maternity pay and your company does not continue paying a salary to you).

And your bills will go up - gas/elec, more to keep baby warm; housekeeping, more occupants etc. It will all work itself out, so do not worry too much.

And congratulations!!!