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By bigaitch
#192547 Hello to all
Here is my story way back in 1996 I was a fit healthy well paid civil servant. All that changed one day when an idiot in a car decided he didnt wish to stop and ploughed into the back of my car, from that day on I have been unable to work due to spinal problems I had thought I made provision by taking out insurance with loans and credit cards to see me through but unfortuanately these had hidden clauses that said they will only pay for 12 months in any claim (check the small print) I struggled for a further two years making payments that i could not really afford when all my savings had gone I could not pay anymore these debts remained on my credit files for six years and subsiquently fell off. nothing has been paid for or acknowlaged by myself for over 8 years and i believe these debts are now statute barred

All was fine untill recently when I had letters from Thames credit and others stating they now wanted full payment of said debts I sent letters not admitting to any debts but asking for information and stating if any debts did exsist they would now be staute barred but they all just ignored them, I have since found that starting in late 2007 the above named companies have all registered searches against me for outstanding debt with the CRA'S I am told that these searches will stay on my file for a further six years from the date they were made. I have not given my consent to these companies to search my cra files and they have been either unable or unwilling to supply me with information regarding the accounts, these accounts are in dispute. Have these companies illegally entered the information on my cra files and is there anything i can do to get the search footprints removed
Many thanks if u can help :lol:
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By Yogi Bear
#192609 Searches are normally only retained on your file for one year or two depending on the agency. As a first step, I'd advise you to contact the agencies and ask for the searches to be removed on the basis that they were made in respect of accounts that you'd already notified the lenders were in dispute as statute-barred.

If the agencies refuse, you can then apply to the Information Commissioner for a ruling.
By bigaitch
#192610 Many thanks for the reply
It seems these companies are just out to ruin my credit file by leaving the search footprint on there for anyone who I may try to obtain credit from in the future to see, I have no negative information on my file, anything that is currently reported is A1 For these outstanding debt searches (for the debts that I do not acknowlage exsist) I have raised disputes with equifax through their online service, equifax have questioned the information with these companies but all have just returned them as correct (what ever that means ) Equifax say they cannot remove them because the company that has reported them says they are correct, I am afraid if I contact them again it will start that 6 year clock ticking again (been there done that) The collection agencies have refused to ackowlage letters I have sent them on two occasions and just seem to want to destroy my cra files. Could this be classed as harrasment under section 40 (1) of the Administration of Justice Act 1970”? Should I threaten them with this if I send another letter? Should I send the letter to the dca's or the people who they claim to represent? its all very confusing
:lol: Thanks for any reply in advance :lol:
By everett
#192611 Did you pursue a claim for compensation ?
It seems that you would have had a very strong case?
By bigaitch
#192612 Hello Everett
compensation from the idiot who drove the other car you mean ?
Yes but thats a whole new can o worms and the only people that got rich were the solicitors and Government with the CRU (Compensation Recovery Unit)
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By Yogi Bear
bigaitch wrote:Should I threaten them with this if I send another letter? Should I send the letter to the dca's or the people who they claim to represent? its all very confusing

Have you sent the DCAs a statute-barred letter?
That should make the position clear to them. They can't put entries for the alleged debts themselves on your file, as they're not current. Since the credit reference agencies sound as if they're being typically unhelpful, you could get a "Notice of Correction" added to your files, but be careful how you word it so as not to incriminate yourself unduly, given that the accounts themselves are not shown - only the searches.

I would check with the Information Commissioner as well: that won't do any harm to your files, and should give you a better idea of whether what's happening is legit or not.
By bigaitch
#192617 Yes sent them the without prejudice worded ones a while ago (nov 2007) but they never acknowledged them, since then they have done 3 more searches (Thames Credit) The searches they are doing are called table 1 searches with equifax if they had been table 2 searches these would only have been visible by myself and would not have had an affect on my credit rating but it seems as if they know I am leagaly not abliged to pay them if i choose not to and they are trying to hold my to ransom by leaving the type 1 searches there for six years thus causing negative info on file

( If I had murdered someone I wouldn't spend 12 years behind bars, but for debt it seems that Thames Credit think I must do 12 years punishment )
:lol: Thanks for Advice :lol:
By bigaitch
#192635 Hello all
Just been in contact with the information comissioners office they tell me that Thames credit should not have searched my files without my consent they also state that any information that is kept on my cra should be accurate and up to date and if these searches are for statute barred debt the information is not upto date, it seems as if Thames credit are trying to re-age these debts . If I were to contact Thames again How would I need to word a letter so as not to incriminate myself and give them the ammunition they are trying to find, Do yout hink the standard statute barred letter and demanding they remove any searches they may have carried out at my address will be enough? If they are doing this to me how many more people are they doing it to?
The ICO say they need proof from me but I dont have any of the information as it was so long ago, unless I just send copies of the statute barred letters sent to them I am afraid of falling into a trap where the ICO say that the information technically is correct the debt is statute barred but still exsists Looking for the best way to do this
Thanks In Advance