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By jrb
#188323 Hi All

I have been very successful so far in getting most of my credit files marked as satisfied. I have not paid for a discharge certificate from the court as all creditors have been happy with the letter from the OR and a copy of the details from the insolvency website. However I have come across something strange with my online experian credit report and my NR account. I contacted NR to update my credit file which they did and sent me a letter on 15 January 2008 to confirm this. I checked the online file and it was marked as satisfied, the only thing they had not done was to amend the default date to 27/06/2007, it was maked as default date September 2007 but I did not contact them again to amend this. Anyway I checked my report yesterday and for some reason the satisfied has been removed and replaced with a balance outstanding again :shock: I have put a query into experian to find out why this has happened because my understanding is that once the account has been marked as satisfied it should not be amended, am i right :?:

Well I'm just waiting for a response back, but I thought I would let you all know just in case it happens to anyone else.