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By risingphoenix
#128705 I entered into a DMP with Payplan last June, I have 5 debts now its been a bit of a nightmare with debts being passed from one debt agency to another etc, but I realised last month that the amount they have for my Citifinancial debt is showing up as £1,800 when the amount is actually £1,200, the confusion came about when I sent all my bumpf to them they muddled up the amount with my Natwest debt which is £1,800 but that didnt actually get added on, I dont know why as I sent all the info to them.

Anyway I called payplan this morning and the woman said that because citifinacial have already agreed the plan to be paying them back the £1,800 that they dont change the amount in the middle of a plan, that when it comes to near the end of the plan they will get an update of the amount owed and if it is in credit then they will get Citifinacial to refund the amount i have overpaid them by.

This just seems really bizarre?? Is this right?? Surely it would be better to get all the amounts sorted out now? when i spoke to a guy from payplan about it when I first realised and sent out the letters stating the balances to payplan (and the lady today said theres no record on the system even though i sent them at the beginning of feb!) he said that citi probably agreed to that amount because its higher than what i owe them and they prob thought if they could get more out of me then they would!!

Eek! I rang the Debt helpline charity number last week anyway to get some information sent out which i recieved today about Wescot adding charges to my Natwest account (£200 legal fees although it never went to court) which from the guidelines it seems are unfair they seem to have just slapped them on, so the £1,800 which has now been passed onto First Credit should actually be £200, so i need to go through the process of complaining about that, writing letters to Wescot and First Credit etc. Has anyone had any experience of doing this?

Anyway, apparentyl in the info that they sent me i can ask for them to send me a copy of the balance and breakdown of any charges etc, if i enclose a £1 payment etc.

Anyone had any experience of that?

Any advice would be very gratefully received as i thought i was getting my debts sorted but now feel more depressed than ever!!
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By Nicky
#128909 At the end of the day, if you owe less than what is on the system, then the amount should be adjusted to the amount you owe.

The only problem with this is, because all of your proposals of payments have been sent out to your credtiors, if one balance changes, ALL of the repayments proposals change again, which means you are back to offering all of your creditors a different monthly payment and waiting to see if they will accept your offer.

If you have an account to add (which is not currently in the plan, therefore not being paid) and an adjustment, then it is worth amending the amount, otherwise, its a pain in the neck for you/your creds etc.
By risingphoenix
#129045 Thanks for your reply Nicky, I think once I have written confirmation from all my creditors of the current balances i will go from there, but how do i go about telling payplan that i want the balances changed to the correct amount if the lady said they wont change the amounts in the middle of a plan, what if they wont do it?

Has anyone had to do this with payplan before?

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By Nicky
#129059 They should do it.

It just means sending out new proposals to your creditors.

Just tell them, the balances are wrong and need to be changed because it appears that you are prioritising one creditor over another.