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By julioooh
#109 As you are probably aware there is another debt forum that is/was better utilised than this site---- Debthelpuk incase you were wondering.
It seems to have been taken over by outside forces and I would guess may start to exclude anti debt management posts regarding solutions that do not best suit the interests of ISS.

Would you allow an open forum to discuss all things debt and opinion that will help and protect vulnerable people in debt.

From what i know Payplan and CCCS are the only companies to so far offer free, to the debtor, debt management plans.

You may wish to watch that site and offer this forum as an alternative if it becomes restricive as i suspect it will in the near future.
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By Nicky
#111 Hi Julioooh

This forum is specifically for people to ask questions regarding their debt situations and for others to come along and post answers.

Any debate regarding debt is welcome on the forum, all people have different experiences by using different avenues to resolve their debt situations, some work better for some that others, this is why its great to have all kinds of people discussing different situations aiming for the same result, which is to help one another and give support and encouragement to those in debt as we know how much being in debt can affect our daily lives emotionally and physically.

The forum is open for anyone and anyone is welcome to join. :)
#119 Hi Julioooh,
I feel like I know you already :)
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By Jay
#333 Hello J, yes I hope that this forum is more welcoming than the one you have mentioned. I read some posts there, and did not return. As this site appears to have a moderator, there should be no problems.