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By sammy25
#210244 Hi everyone. To some people my debts might seem trivial. I graduated last summer 2008 I have accumulated debts over the past few years consisting of overdrafts, credit cards, store cards, a small loan (400 left to pay) and a student overdraft (not including finance for a car but I haven't included that as I pay that jointly with my fiancee. Overall my debts come to approx 4250 pounds. I have just recently been made permanent and i am considering getting a graduate loan of 5000 over 5 years to pay off my debt and pay one monthly paymet of approx 110 per month. After working out my finances I have worked out that I will have a disposable income of approx £90 per week after rent, food shopping, personal monthly bills, car etc. Is this income reasonable? I am frightened that I will commit myself to something unmanageable. I hardly go out at all so usually stay in on a weekend. I would appreciate any advice x