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By sonya
#839 hi all, I found this forum quite by chance and after reading some of the postings found im not the only one who doesnt sleep at night . I've managed to get myself into somewhere in the region of 12,000 in debt which is proving a struggle to pay back as I only work part time and have four children to support. Dont ask me how I managed it, but it just seems that companies are more than willing to throw various products at us but are not so willing to accept reasons for being unable to pay it back, any advice or just general chat would be welcome, it might just save me from going out of my mind. :shock:
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By Nicky
#840 Hi Sonya! Welcome to the board :D

Your so right about creditors easily lending money. If you have a good credit score on your credit file and pass their scoring facilty, you can get credit.

There are a number of Free debt advice companies out there who you can talk to and point you in the right direction to resolving you situation. Here are a few websites you can take a look at, you can then feel confident to contact one of them and start the ball rolling on resolving your situation.


If you have any questions about anything at all, don't hesitate to ask. :)
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By Brassick
#841 Hi Sonya

welcome to the sleepless nights club :(

Sure you will be able to get some help from the links given.

Best of Luck

B x
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By jojo
#842 Hi Sonya,

I've been a sleepless nighter for so long, I no longer need to carry a handbag! :shock: How are we expected to stop getting further into debt when we have to spend so much on make-up to cover up the bags under our eyes! :lol:

Nice to have you on board,

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By Jay
#843 Welcome Sonya!
There are plenty of us here who have and are in debt.
I once heard a saying and it's perhaps worth remembering, "you owe money, not your life"
There are more important things in life, health and happiness, so don't let the debt eat you up every waking hour. Give over a little time every so often to your problems, and the rest of the time get on with your life. Don't worry, be happy!