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By vpollington
#467293 Hello, I am new to the forum and would like some advice. I was declared bankrupt today at my local county court. However, I left without any paperwork and was told by the judge that it would be posted to me. She told me that if I got any phone calls from my creditors, just give them the date and time that I was declared bankrupt. Is this normal? Another thing is that I was told the official receiver would call me to have an interview over the phone. What is the time scale from being declared bankrupt to the official receivers phone call? I was declared bankrupt eight years ago but it was a completely different process so that's why I would like some advice. Thank you.
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By TalbotWoods
#467303 Hi and welcome

Depending on which court, and which ORs office, there are some differences as to how Bankruptcies are dealt with.

So having the paperwork being sent out to you is not unheard off, though for most people they leave the court with the Bankruptcy Certificate, but again not unheard off.

The OR will normally contact you within the next week (or so) depending on their work load, but if after two week if you have not heard form them, I would suggest contacting your local office.

I can appreciate that the 'newer' systems are not so clear cut as the old ones, but believe me even Money Advisor cant alwasy work it out.

What has remained the same is that the processes are still straight forward, once the ball gets rolling.

If you have any questions or get confused by what they are up to, please feel free to ask.

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By JaneClack
#467323 I have recently been helping someone with a bankruptcy and as the DJ was not sitting that day, the insolvency clerk took down the details and said the bankruptcy certificate would be sent out which it was... The initial phone call from the OR came in a couple of days later and a mutually convenient time was set for the interview a couple of weeks later. As there were some questions that came up from that he also had to attend an appointment - which they said themselves was unusual today but did need to clarify some points - and now it is sorted and he is on his way debt free so do not worry!