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By Tracie55
#462793 Hi

I joined this forum as I had a question regarding credit files and old debts being taken over by another debt collection agency.

I was in debt about ten years ago and had all sorts of problems with debt collectors turning up at the door threatening me with taking my stuff (yes debt collectors, not baliffs!) I got 2 CCJs and I had no money at all - I actually remember having £6 to my name and I had no food, no electric and no petrol and I had to choose which one to buy (I had a key meter at the time).

One of my creditors sent me a Statutory Demand which scared the hell out of me! At the time I had no idea what it was, but I soon learned that it's usually a scare tactic to get you into paying up, which was certainly the case here.

Ten years on and I have rebuilt my credit and in a better position financially. I learned a great deal and I'm glad I went through what I did as I can really empathise with how it feels to be in debt and to ber harrassed by debt collectors who won't accept your offers.

since then I have got a degree in law, worked at the Citizens Advice Bureau in thier debt team and helping with Debt Relief Orders and negotiating with baliffs. I've now said goodbye to law and I'm doing something complelely differerent.

So, I've been there and come out the other end :D
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By JaneClack
#462823 Thank you for popping in - it is a nice feeling, isn't it?

I am sure this will resonate with a lot of us - I have been in the same situation and this is the beauty of this forum, so many of us have been through it so we know it is possible.

Please keep posting as your experiences will help others!