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By smitttty
#3367 Hi,

My name is Mark,Married 32 years old.
Around seven or eight years ago i ran into debt,i owed roughly around six thousand pounds,I paid what i could over a period of time but some including a barclays account and a barclaycard did not get paid, I have heard nothing from any bank of collection agency for around 6 years, allthough i have moved house 3 or 4 times in the last eight years i have allways been on the voters register.

Recently i have recieved 3 letters from Thames credit requseting payment for what i presume is my old barclaycard account £1734.18,wright or wrong i have ignored these but today i recieved a letter from Wescot ,the letter states "on behalf of aktive kapital" the debt is for £1700.42.
Could they be the same debt?

I am not sure what to do,Two years ago i got a mortgage and have been granted "credit" on a few occasions since then.

As i mention above i have a familly now and live on a very tight budget and with a baby on the way it`s going to get tighter.

Please advise me of my best course of action.

Kind Regards,
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By Nicky
#3368 Hi Mark

I think it would be worth you writing the the 3 different credit reference agencies to find out the status of your accounts. If 6 years have past from the last time you had contact with them and there are no CCJs on your credit file, it could be possible that these debt are Statute Barred, (meaning the creditor can no longer take legal action against you regarding these debts and you can inform them you will not be paying the debt to which they can no longer pursue you for it)

You wont know if the debts are statute barred until you get your credit file. So that is your starting point.