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By so_scared
#329493 Good morning all, This is my first post.

This morning I received this email from Scotcall


scotcall Reference: xxxxxxxxxxx
Creditor: xxxxxxxxx
Balance: xxx.xx
Date: xxxxxxxxxx

Mrs xxxxxx xxxxxx

We have been appointed by the above client to recover from you the amount owed on the above contract.

Our client is disappointed that despite their attempts to contact you, you failed to pay or advise them of any financial problems that you may be having. We have therefore been instructed to visit you at your home to either collect the full balance due, or make arrangements for this long overdue debt to be repaid as quickly as possible.

To resolve this matter without the need for a personal visit, you should call one of our Advisors on 0844 257 8555 who will discuss your repayment options with you. Alternatively, you can repay the outstanding balance online using a debit or credit card at

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please let us know and we will do our upmost to help you.

If you choose to ignore this notice, we are left with no option but to instruct one of our Debt Collection Agents to visit you to discuss your proposals for repayment.

If you have received this email in error please notify us by calling the number below.

Should I telephone them and ask for more details or ask that they do not email me at work? I'd be mortified if my boss found the email. I really don't need a visit from there people and am very scared. I'm not sure what this is about as I do not recognise their refference number. I have not made any payments towards or acknowledged any debt they may claim I own for nearly six years now.

Thanks to all in advance x
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By TalbotWoods
#329543 No do not phone them or email them, they are on a fishing expedition, and emailing each and every email they can find with your name, this will include any home or work email.

If you do phone or email then to them is simply means they think they have the right person, regardless of what you say, they will not believe you and will continue to harass you and send out their puerile pathetic missives.

I woudl suggest that you assign this to the spam accounts and set your email to automatically send it to spam/junk.

When and more importantly, if they contact you at your home address, then you can deal with it.

If the debt is statute barred, then they are goign to threaten that all hell will break loose, but there is a default letter that can be sent to them on the forum, but just to check are you sure that no CCj has been issued on the account

But then again having said that Scotcall are notorious for buying barred debts!
By nigpet
#329813 To add to this, the personal visit thing is a complete empty threat, even if they were to try this they have no rights of access & you tell them to clear off or call the police. If your boss does find this email or they contact you at work somehow, repeat the other advice here it's a fishing expedition, they're simply emailing thousands of people with similar names / email addresses & it's not you they're after.