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#313823 OK we all have had them, you know the ones, the ones that 'claim' they can get you back umpteen zillion pounds in PPI, the ones that say your PUS parcel was not able to be deliver please call Oh so an expensive number or even Help I'm stuck in the lost again Jungle Village, I've had my passport stolen Send me some free foreign aid via Weston Union.

Yea I know we ignore them, but they are a pain in the neck, and now you can fight back.

O2, 3 and Everything Everywhere (formerly T-Mobile and Orange) customers can do this by simply forwarding the text to 7726 (which spells 'spam' on a traditional phone keypad). Vodafone customers should forward the text to 87726.

They will then block the number to your phone, good innt. OK it isn't instant it takes about 14 - 28 days but they get blocked.

Think about it get your revenge on them!
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#313853 I am constantly getting spam text messages that tell me I am owed £3,251 (yes, the message is that precise) in 'compensation' for the 'accident' I suffered......."Our records show that you are entitled to £3,251.......".....blah blah blah........WHAT 'records '???!!! Since I have not had an 'accident' how can there be any 'records' of such an accident?

If only I had had an accident, that three grand would come in very useful.

And of course, I also get several 'PPI' spam texts a week.

The other spam messages you refer to, I do not get as text messages, but as emails and I have set up a 'junk' email addy that I use to waste the time of these idiots who like to tell me that I am entitled to $500 million or that a 'package' is waiting to be dispatched to me, or that I am the only know 'heir' to a small fortune left behind by some Prince in an air crash.

But just where do the senders of these junk text messages get your mobile number from? I don't just receive junk text messages on my mobile, I also receive junk calls and they always know my christian name.
But once again, I have got used to them and usually find ways of wasting their time at their expense.
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#315763 although these messages and calls are annoying and we'd be better off without them i find i can have quite a bit of fun with them

just last night i had one company on the phone for 10 minutes letting them go through their script while i made up some nonsense answers just to entertain myself. i figured while i have them on the phone they can't be trhassling someone else who really doesnt need it

the other month i had a message left on my phone "are you worried about debt?" so i called them up and kept them on the phone for as long as i could telling them how bad i felt about being "in debt" etc etc, when i eventually had to reveal the extent of my "debts" i told them that i'd borrowed fifty quid off my mate in the pub and couldn't afford to pay him back until next week, and what could they do to help me?

the fella wasn't too happy, but stuff him, i don't like them trying to hoodwink people into paying for a debt service that can be obtained elsewhere for free
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#315793 Cruel, very very cruel, but where is the Like a Lot button, and the LMAO emoticons when you need them
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