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#270143 Hi All,

I've been with Payplan now for 3-4 years paying the debts off slowly.

Last moth had the standard letter from Ruthbridge regarding they needed to contact me regarding a personal matter.

As I have never heard of them a quick 'google' search showed they are a nasty bunch of parasites, wrote a letter stating all contact in writing, requesting details of why they wanted to speak to me as I had never heard of them.

They wrote back stating I owed J D Williams money and it had been passed to them.

I have NEVER had any dealings with J D Williams, I told Ruthbridge that and requested they provide proof of any alleged debt.

Not heard anymore, should I worry, should I do anything or just ignore it. I have a fear they might try something without telling me. Isn't is stange how cynical we become to DCA's after a few years experience.
#270173 No you shouldn't worry, Ruthbridge are just another old bottom feeder coming up with the same old chesnuts. You are doing your payplan agreement so I cant see why these creeps are in touch.

Do not make further advice is to ignore them. Why waste your breath or time explaining anything to a call centre pr**k, they want you to give them some money which will disappear forever. Inform Payplan. ... bts_1.html
#270183 A friend of mine had a threatening letter from a DCA (cant remember which one offhand but it wasnt Ruthbridge) stating that he owed money re J D Williams. He had never had a debt with JDW, I wrote a recorded letter for him and gave them short shrift. They wrote back saying they had closed the case. I dont know what is going on but it seems other people on DMPs are being hounded by DCAs claiming that they owe JDW.
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#270233 I've had similar 'dealings' with JD Williams. They are part of a much larger group of on-line catalogue companies. I have never used an on line catalogue to shop before, and I never will. The only on-line shopping I do is with ASDA, QVC and Amazon, all of which require payment in full in advance at the time of placing your order, and before your order is dispatched.

But a couple of years ago I started getting demands from an 'in-house' DCA (Reliable Collections) claiming I owed their 'client' (JD Williams) x amount of £s for goods I was susposed to have ordered and which JD Williams stated they could prove were delivered to my home address and signed for.

I live alone and have never recieved any such goods, or indeed signed for any such goods. Anyway, cutting a very long story short I insisted that either Reliable Collections or JD Williams sent me proof of delivery. which to date they have thus far failed to do.

The 'account' was passed onto another external DCA, whose name I cannot recall since I just binned all their letters.

I know I never ordered anything from JD Williams and despite numerous requests on my part to them to prove that I had ordered, they have failed to provide proof simply because no proof exists. How can it when I never ordered anything from these people.

But from *googling* it would seem that JD Williams are in the habit of sending out demands for payment for goods that people have not ordered and are not JD Williams customers. Therefore it is high time this company was investigated and if need be closed down.

If you know you never placed an order with JD Williams, and have no knowledge of any such orders, just ignore them. They have to prove you placed an order and recieved their goods, and as you never placed an order, they simply cannot do that, so there is no case to answer - period.

Yes, your 'alledged' account may be sold onto and passed around several DCAs but it makes no difference who is chasing for money. At the end of the day it is up to the DCA (or the original creditor) to prove you owe them money, and not down to you to prove to them that you don't.
#271113 I have an account which was passed to JD Williams and they have added £500 interest and charges. I am letting them think they will get the full money,but in about five years time I will have a lump sum and I am going to offer full and final payments to all my creditors and I spoke to payplan who said when it comes to offering full and final payments they will only take into account the original debt not any charges.

I will make full and final offers myself as I am going to offer to pay only 20% of the debts if they refuse this offer they will wait until 2060 when the plan is finished :shock:
#273733 Disney,
If your total debts are less than £15k - take advice on a Debt Relief Order.
Whatever, take advice
Payplan, CCCS, National Debtline 0 free telephone advice
Citizens Advice Bureau - free face to face advice.
Do not pay without taking advice! Please! 8)
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