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By TalbotWoods

If you use Apex DCM Money Solutions as your Debt Management Company DO NOT MAKE ANY FURTHER PAYMENTS TO THEM

If you have a direct Debit or Standing Order, CANCEL IT

The company has gone into administration,and latest information is that they have NOT PAID YOUR CREDITORS


You will need to keep an eye on their website for more information, and when we get further information we will inform you.


PS to quote someone else:

Well folks, I have been down today to have a look and yes DCM is no more. Spoke to one of the blokes next door and he said it looked like a knee cappers convention outside last Thursday, stuff going out the back door as big blokes were trying to get in the front door.

I have been paying them £300 a month for 60 months but good news my CCJs totaling £15 per month have always been paid, so I have only been done out of £17100, Oh and by the way I managed to get a charging order on my house into the bargain.
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By TalbotWoods
#253743 The administrator for all claims are:

Mr Fallows
HJS Recovery
Barnet House
53 Fountain Street
M2 2AN


If you have paid money to them you MUST check to find out when the last dispersements were made, as there are now reports of several people who have not had their creditors paid since 2009

If you are effected you must notify Mr Fallows and you will be treated as an ordinary creditor.

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By TalbotWoods
#254443 DCMs case files have been handed to ClearDebt and they have released the following statement:

Good news for worried clients of Apex Debt Counselling & Management Limited – which recently went into administration: ClearDebt Group plc is working with the administrators, HJS Recovery, to review the situation of every active Apex client who wishes it and to offer to continue their current debt management plan (DMP) for them, free of charge.

Apex DCM clients should contact ClearDebt immediately on this dedicated number 0800 612 3318 or by emailing for free file review. ClearDebt will ensure clients are made aware of all their options and, should a debt management plan be the most appropriate solution, ClearDebt will waive all the fees normally charged on such arrangements to ensure debts are cleared in the shortest possible time. This plan will be entirely free of charge.

Due to work we did earlier in the year (which resulted in the appearance of this article in the “Crusader” column of the Daily Express), we are aware that a number of Apex clients may be better off in a different debt solution known as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), where all interest and charges can be frozen and a significant proportion of debts written off, usually over five years. We will be assessing Apex clients circumstances with this in mind and will advise if this appears to be the best. If an Apex client chooses this route IVA fees will be chargeable but these will make no difference to the monthly payment you can afford, as long as you complete the IVA.

ClearDebt will not pressure you to accept our advice – the decision will always be yours. Our advisors are aware of the situation in which Apex DCM clients find themselves in and are available to speak to you from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm Monday to Thursday, and from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm on Friday.

Apex DCM customers who decide not to move to ClearDebt need do nothing. The consequences will be that their creditors will become aware that their plan has ceased when no more payments are received from Apex on your behalf. They will contact you and you will need to come to repayment arrangements with them individually, or choose another debt management supplier.

Should you decide to use ClearDebt and should creditors contact you direct for payment we will, of course, deal with this for you. We are here to help you towards a debt-free future.

Apex DCM customers should note that ClearDebt Group plc, or any of our member companies, agents or representatives have had absolutely nothing to do with the prior conduct of any plan held with Apex prior to 2 March 2011 and cannot advise you on any matters that took place before this date. Nor can we advise on any matters arising from the current administration of Apex however clients should note that any payments made since 3 March 2011 should be recoverable from the joint administrators, who are currently formulating proposals which will be sent to clients in due course. The administrators will not be making any payments to the creditors of debtors in Apex DCM debt management plans.