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By Traceymi
#472900 Hi I really need some advice please I have been with provident for two years with no problems until recently I was given a new agent on at least 3 occasions he has seen me on the street winding down his window shouting stalker at me which I found quite embarrassing I also had a text from him saying "are you home stalker"? You I found very rude. The following week I had given him 2 weeks money & then 3 days later he was stopping me in the street for more money even though I'd already paid him. The next time he came to collect from my home he was waiting outside so when I came home he followed me up the main block of steps & he told me he was enjoying staring at my ***!!!! I felt so uncomfortable & quite scared especially as I live on my own with two small children I suffer with anxiety & im very on edge now & too scared to answer my front door please someone help me
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By JaneClack
#472902 Contact Provident and explain the situation - this is harassment and also very sexist and threatening behaviour. It is inexcusable - you should also contact the police if you do not get any joy from Provident itself. They do not accept collectors acting in this way.