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By sixpence
#472899 Hi looking for some advice on a letter I've received from Robison Way. I have received a letter stating they will be sending a collector to my door after 8/11/17 to 'reconnect' with me. Obviously I don't want someone coming to my home (haven't slept all night thinking about it.) The original debt is with Barclaycard it is a 10 year old debt that I pay monthly (token payment) via standing orfer to Barcalycard. I don't recall being asked to pay anyone else, however I have received previous letters from Robinson Way (statements showing my payment) so clearly they are receivng my payment. I do I write to them asking them not to call (although not they aren't giving me much time to reply)? I do have other debts all of which I pay monthly token payments and have one ccj again same amount paid. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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By JaneClack
#472901 You can certainly give them a call and explain your circumstances - they have no rights of entry to your property so would be wasting their time coming round but creditors do like updates on token payments to see whether circumstances have changed and you could afford more. Just explain it to them.