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#6847 Interesting this one..................I recently posted a message re Sainsburys re-instating interest on my account, and on enquiry was told that until they received a CCCS client no. the interest would continue. I supplied them with the said ref. no. Any way on my latest statement the interest was applied again. This time, when I queried it, they told me "Oh yes, now that your balance is back within the limit, we are now re-instating the interest."

This is the same bank who told me to switch from a dmp company to CCCS and the interest would stop. Before anyone asks 'is the debt being sold on' , after enquiry they told me no.

I wouldn't believe one word these people say. This may be useful information for anyone else dealing with Sainsbury.
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#6849 I have been told by someone who should know that they never say that so obviously policy explained to those outside the company is not the same as applied from within!
#6853 Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the reply. It's just disheartening when these people tell me one thing and then do another. I've made a record of the time and date I was told this and also the persons full there is no way they can deny the conversation took place! Or, would they?

Anyway thanks again for the reply.
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