Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By kaneda7777
#4949 Hi sorry my computer had to get wiped and i lost all my links and stuuf.

I have to declare myself bankrupt and i was wondering if someone could post a link to where i can download the forms and tell me which ones to fill in.

also one other little thing....... after i submit the forms how long do you think it will take before i can stop worrying ???

many thanks
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By JaneClack
#4951 Hi there again! is the website and the forms and leaflets can be downloaded from the righthand side of the page!

You can go bankrupt as soon as you have filled in the forms, got the money together and presented the petition at your nearest county court that does bankruptcies. Some like to make appointments but you should not have to wait long and in fact if you go to the court and the judge is sitting - if you sit there they have to see you!