Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By kaneda7777
#4376 Hi ok im sorry im posting yet again im just really really lost here.

Was wondering if someone could post me a link or tell me how i actually declare my self bankrupt?

Im sure i read somewhere i have to be taken to court 1st or something? is that right or can i just get the forms from somewhere and fill them out?

Sorry i know this has probably been asked before :(
By Freedom_at_last
#4377 Hello,

You can just get the forms yourself from your local court which deals with bankruptcy. If you ring them they will send them to you. Then when you decide to do it just turn up at the court and pay the fees. Wait to see the judge, if they say thats necessary, then usually thats it! The clerks at the court are always very helpful and will give you all the info needed. Then get on with your life - hassle free!
By kaneda7777
#4381 Hey thank you so much for your help :)

looking for these forms now hopefully i can download them.

Thanks again.
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By Nicky
#4382 Hi Kaneda, dont apologise for asking a question, thats why the forum is here :wink:

The process for making a petition is, altho daunting, quite a simple proceedure. Firstly, you can download the forms you will need to fill in in order to make the petition

The forms you will need are 6.27 and 6.28 which can be found near the bottom of the page.

Depending on where you live will determine which court you will need to attend. Mainly the High Court in London is used. People normally go there as early as possible in a morning. Sometimes you can call the court to make an appointment, and sometimes you can just turn up. Its always going to be a safer option to give them a call tho to see which way is preferable.

Bankruptcy costs £460 per person. However, if you are on a low income, it might be that you could be exempt from paying the full amount.

On the day, you would generally go to the court along with your forms, hand them to the clerk who will check the forms and proceed to type up your bankruptcy order, you will be requested to go and pay your bankruptcy fee and asked to return back to the clerk who will give you your bankruptcy order (or a time when to collect it) and then be directed to go to the Official Receiver office.

You will then head over to the OR office, and wait to be called. Another clerk will take a copy of your bankruptcy order and give you a time and date of your appointment with the Official Receiver (if not on the day).

From there, your appointment with the OR will either be over the phone or face to face, both ways are possible and neither have hidden meanings. Its just whatever is more convenient.

I hope that helps some and if you have any more questions, please dont hesitate to ask. Do a few searches around the forum as there are lots of people who have posted regarding what happened on the day of making the petition and at the OR interview, so its worth having a look around :wink: