Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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#2103 I moved to Scotland from London 8 weeks ago. My banking is all based at my home address in Cornwall. I want to petition for bankruptcy, but I don't want to go through the Scottish system. Is it fraudulant/dishonest of me to go through a English Court, declaring, say, my parents address?
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#2104 I'm not sure whether this would be under Scottish law anyway considering you have only been there 8 weeks. I would assume you would declare yourself bankrupt in London under England law. The address you give would be your Scottish address, not your mothers, that much is a definate. :wink:
#2109 Thanks! I phoned a debt advice line in Scotland last night and they said it was fine because my debts were incurred in England.
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#2132 Also the legal notice will appear in the local paper in Cornwall too so that any trade creditors can put in any claims. You can of course petition in England as that has been your main place of residence - in fact you would be very odd to want to petition in Scotland as you would need a CCJ or permission of your creditors to do so - and then it would last longer too. If you are going to do the deed - do it in England. Either at the local county court near where you lived or at the High Court in London. Look at and download the leaflet : How to petition for your own bankruptcy
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