Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By desperate dan
#263243 hello there all you wonderful people

posted my situation back in march 2010, i have approx 40k worth of unsecured debt, a mortgage with approx 15k of equity, debt is all in my name i have done my reduced dpm myself and creditors have been o.k so far ( the jungle drums are starting to beat again )
my wife and i now going for a divorce ive moved out advised by the solicitor to do so as my wife doesnt work and looks after our children under the age of 6. she is now claiming income support etc and the social are looking to pay the intrest on the mortgage to keep her in the house, my question now is what are my options as regards this debt carry on paying what i can afford and be in a lift time of debt or do the b.r knowing that the social are paying the intrest on the mortgage and the house is protected to keep the ex and my children in the home any experiences would help