Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By mariem
#1918 Hi,

Does anyone know if you are allowed to keep a mobile phone contract when bankrupt? If not, can I keep my number with a pay as you go?

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By keepchinup
#1922 Yes if proved required for work, although it's possible the service provider might refuse to keep the contract if they found out. I would suggest you overpaid them a little prior to Big B in order that you don't have to include them in the bankruptcy.

I say yes, but the bills would have to be reasonable, and like I said business demonstrable.

I've answered from my experience only......others will likely have more views.
By mariem
#1923 Thanks... I do use it for work purposes, so hopefully I'll be allowed to keep it... not sure how I'm going to pay them extra though - it's set up as a direct debit and they just request the bill amount each month!