Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By rikw
#224913 Can I ask what happens to the contributions to the household budget made by my wife, in regards to calculating i&e. I pay rent, C/tax, utilities and insurances which is the larger share. My wife pays for food etc, TV licence and phone, as well as sky. i have read the guidelines for the O/R and this implys that the Sky would have to go. Is this still the case if the non B/R partner has always paid for it through their bank account. It is more her pleasure than mine but wouldnt want her to be penalised, has majority of her favourite programs are on sky and not on likes of freeview etc. we only have a basic package so not being exhorbitant.
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By JaneClack
#224917 You are going bankrupt - not her - and her budget does not need to be included for the OR but of course if you need her contribution to feed and clothe then what is left over is hers. You Ask the Expert on the other forum and see what he says!!
By johnny 73
#225393 if the debts are in your name only then what she spends her money on is her own business and the OR wont ask for many details. essentially all the OR is interested is how much she contributes to the household for food and bills etc. any surplus of hers is her own