Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By ricardot
#219584 hiya all,

im in the process of filling out b/r forms online as my iva is in the process of failing and have come to the unsecured creditors section.

as my iva was arranged 20 months ago i do not have any account numbers etc of the credit card/loans etc that attributed to the iva as i gave them all to the ip's.

i have a itemised and precise list of monies owed to the unsecured creditors but thats all, so i am wondering if i will receive details of the accounts when i receive notification that the iva has failed or will the o/r be able to assist me when i do eventually petition.

many thanks

By johnny 73
#219592 you perhaps should wait until you get confirmtation that the IVA has failed before you apply for bankruptcy.

you could contact the IVA practitioner and ask them for all of your creditors details and ref numbers etc
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By JaneClack
#219608 Johnny is perfectly correct - the IP will have the details of all the accounts and balances so just ask for a summary.

As has been explained before technically you should not go bankrupt until you have received the failure notice from the IP although people do manage to do it. That notwithstanding our advice is to contact the IP and explain what you intend to do.