Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By wellshgit
#205621 Hi. I have been browsing the forum for a few weeks now, and found it to be a great site. It has given me the courage to fill in the petition online after consulting the CAB who advised me as I have no assets being a pensioner in rented accommodation that bankruptcy is the way out for me. The court date is 19th November ( next week ). My questions are the lady on the phone says to bring 2 copies of the petition when I read here it was 3 copies, also as I get pension credit I should be exempt from the one fee. Do I have to pay it and apply to get it back? or just hand in the form with the proof of my entitlement? Also as I have to see a judge on the day will this be my only visit to the court?
Waiting in anticipation Keith
#205627 Hi I can answer some of your issues:
Some courts ask for two ours asked for three my advice is photocopy or print off three just incase.
This will be the only time you attend court and see the judge. Our session lasted less than 5 minutes with the judge and wasnt so bad they were polite and to the point.

The other staff at court were friendly and reasurring we spoke briefly to the OR on the phone afterwards and then had a telephone interview at home about two weeks after.
Good luck with your BR
By wellshgit
#205634 Thank you DD for your swift reply. I was dreading maybe having to attend a court hearing at a later date. You have put my mind at rest. Thank you once again.
Keith. :D
By gardener
#205654 Hi welshgit

If you think you are entitled not to pay part of the fee I gather you have to take the proof with you at the time you attend court. Good luck with it.
By wellshgit
#205674 Hi Gardener. Thanks for your reply. Since visiting this site I feel really positive, and think I am doing the right thing. Hoping for a debt free Christmas! ( the first for 3 years)
By wellshgit
#206002 Update. went to court this morning. Went really well. Paid fee, filled in form for £150 fee exemption, then saw judge for less than a minute, then waited for 30 mins for OR to phone, talked to her for a few minutes, and that was it. Have telephone interview with OR on December 1st. All that worrying, and it was so easy. All the court officials were friendly and helpfull.
Reading all the posts on this forum really helped me. please keep up the good work!!!