Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By boydo
#205585 hi all im at court on friday morning and am so scared not been my self the last while worring about it all i know you heard it before just want my life back on track got all my paperwork filled out wich i got help from a company to fill out. so wot do i need to take with me i am not sure and will i see the offical recever or if not when do they ring thats wot scares me as i have a picture in my head of a old head master you know wot i on the forum a lot say it not as bad as they thought.sos still not helping so anyone with a few sugestions woud help thanks. p.s at ***** court if that helps
By gardener
#205602 Hello boydo

See zzrlaura's post below about what you need to take to court. You speak very briefly to the OR's office after you have seen the judge. Usually the clerk sticks you in an office and puts through a call to the OR's office who will just check a few things e.g. which bank account you are free to keep open as far as they are concerned. A few days after this you get a letter from the OR's office telling you what papers they need from you and then a week after, sometimes two, you get the interview. There is loads of advice on OR interviews on the forum which I can't improve on. Try not to blow it out of proportion. Good luck.
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By jurgenpie
#205620 I didn't even see the judge, handed my forms in at the counter to the clerk, took the oath waited 2 hours and picked a form up saying I was bankrupt, got call a couple of days later from the OR, brief conversation of debts and how they occurred was honest and he could see I had done everything from being on a DMP to a IVA, had to wait 6 months before starting my IPA.

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By fraggle
#205658 I'm waiting to go to court too. Please tell me how you get on. :eye: