Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By glenn2970
#205561 hi all, really hoping someone can help me out here before i go totally insane! i first went bankrupt 10 yrs ago when i was aged 25, at the tiem i had had a evry good job and had built up debt as was sure i could pay it, all of a sudden i was made redundant and had no alternative but to go bankrupt.
here i am 10 yrs on and thinking i amy haev to do it again as cannot see a way out. up until 12 mnths ago i was working as a manager of a home for people with behaviour problems, a job i loed but also one that paid well. i had built up a little debt on cards but only a few thousand, nothing i could not handle.
im a gay guy and live with my brother in his house, i was also this time last yr getting ready to make the move to liev with my partner of 3 yrs. he was originally from hong kong and so was, we thought, entitled to british citizenship, this turned out to be wrong as his parents had neevr been legally married, only found this out on a trip home! this was a really hard tiem and i spent lots of money, credit cards, loand etc on legal advice for ways around him going home. at the same tiem both my parents became very ill and needed regular care from me. to cut a long story short my partner and i ended up splitting, with him returning home and leaving me with all this dept. i also had to get a less responsable job as could not stand the straing of work and acring for parents any longer, i was on the verge of suicide at one point.
i do now hae a job i enjoy, but far less money and my debts now total £17000, i only get £900 a month and so acn in no way pay these debts.
does anyone please have knowledge of what will happen with being bankrupt before? also what am i likely to be left to live on from my wages, still need to pay rent, food transport etc which in its self comes to around £700 a month
please help!!!!!
By gardener
#205598 Hi glenn

So far only been bankrupted once so not the best person to answer your question but I have heard that the OR tends to be less lenient with what you are allowed as surplus money. In your case it doesn't sound as though you have any surplus money anyway so probably not relevant. You could call CCCS and see what they suggest. You may find a debt management plan preferable because £17,000 isn't such a huge amount at your age to get rid of. In future your income prospects could improve.