Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By steveo
#8213 well that seems to be done and dusted.

i had my court papers stamped on monday along with a brief interview with the OR.

Today i had another face to face with the OR where they wrote out a brief (if you can call 7 pages brief) statment basically repeating the things that i wrote on the statment of affairs. they then also gave me a reciept for the 6 box files full of statments, letters and accounts. in all on both days it took about 3.5 hours 1.5 hours of that just sat waiting for them. so not too bad at all.

i have been building myself up to doing this for more than a year and now i've done it i'm kind of kicking myself for not doing it last year, i could have been discharged by now :? but oh well whats done is done.

i suppose my case is fairly simple as i have no property, car or assests worth anything.

they asked me to give a rough estimate as to how much tax i think i would have paid this year (im self-employed). i had an educated guess based on my personal drawings for living expenses and came up with £1500. looks like i'll be paying the OR this instead of the tax man for the next 12 months unless my circumstances change. this in instead of an IPO and is just for 1 year or until discharge.

the OR was very good, she seemed to know her stuff. i put on the form that i had been suffering a bit from stress and depression because of it all, and she said something that cheered me up no end; my total owed to creditors was £56K with no assests, she said 'imagine how you would feel if you just won £56K on the lottery and cleared all your debts in one hit' obviously you still got it on your credit file, but you no longer owe the money. that did cheer me up a bit when i got home and thought about it :D
By Mel_Odious
#8218 Congrats Steve,
There will only be nine or ten payments of unpaid tax as it will only be for the Tax Year in which you are made bankrupt so therefore only up until April 5th 2006.