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By Butts
#289703 I have over 20 creditors and all but one of my payments are made via a DMP with Payplan.

In the early days I went down the CCA path and had a little bit of grief but nothing major.

Along the way I got divorced and my payments went down from a peak of £700+ per month to the current level of about £50 per month.

Most of my creditors get £1 per month on debts as high as £11000 and are happy to accept.

Unfortunately before I got divorced and moved up to Scotland a couple of them got CCJ's one turned into a CO on the marrital home. I still own half of this and am waiting for the CO creditor to make a silly offer for settlement. When that happens I will pay it off and let my ex wife remortgage the house into her sole name.

Five years later I will go Bankrupt and the creditors will get f**k all :mrgreen:

Since I moved to Scotland I have had very little trouble with creditors as they seem bamboozled by the Scottish Legal System. They can't cope with the fact someone with debt moved from England to Scotland. As I am now in a rented property they seem to have overlooked my half share in my old home.