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By BigDunc
#286393 Been a while since i posted. Ive paid off about 45% of my debt over 3 years through dicounted full and finals. The rest i paid £1 a month. However of those left i havent paid a penny for 5 months - i just got fed up with it.

Egg, then Moorcroft, i stopped paying, it was moved back to citi (who had bought egg) who then sold it on, heard nothing from anyone for 10 months seems to have vanished?

Virgin, sold to Link - refused several generous offers, told them i have moved overseas - stopped paying.

Lloyds current account, sold to various firms now at APEX - not paid a penny as told them interest was frozen and Lloyds added interest, received 4 years of statements 4 times, i write back every time proving interest was added and its going in circles until its removed.

Lloyds Loan - decided to pull the same interest added ruse the first statement wasnt full and took 3 months to send. So i asked for another, now been waiting 2 months.

Let them all wait.

Ps i have no home or assets