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By hayleebec
#265643 anyone used them? my daughter-in-law was recomended to use them after getting into trouble with debts, by dmp company (name escapes me) i think its wrong for someone who is already in trouble to use this they charge £12.50 a month (£150 yearly)! then now the chip is damaged on the card she can't access her money without spending £10 to transfer to different account and they charging £4 for replacement card, how ridiculous when already struggling with money the debt company must be getting kick back from it!!!!!!!!!!!
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By deej
#265743 as far as i know debt management companies get paid for each person they recommmend. Your daughter in law needs to open an account with a bank she doesn't have a debt with. Co op offer a basic bank account with an electron card, i think this can be done over the phone. She needs to specify it is a basic bank account she wants
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By JaneClack
#265913 Certain debt management companies do and it is iniquitous!

Anyone can open a basic bank account and indeed there are two that are open to undischarged bankrupts - Barclays and Co-operative but others will also allow people in difficulties to open basic ones.... and often after regular payments in and out they will upgrade - but basic bank accounts do the biz!!