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By BigDunc
#265113 Excellent news Moorcroft and Egg after refusing numerous F&F's are now no longer handling the debt...

Bizarrly Barclaycard have bought everything held by Egg. Having dealt with Barclays before i now have experience - Mercers is the first point of call, i know there a toothless animal though.

Eventually it was sold on and a good F&F was agreed to so i feel now an end is in sight.

That will leave just 3 debts - 2 with Moorcroft and 1 with Link. Ive already sent Link (after 3 years of paying £1 a proove the debt letter to shake them up a bit)
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By TalbotWoods
#265163 Hi BD

Be careful of prove it letters after a period of paying the debt, a lot of courts are now coming down on the side of the creditor/DCA, if they can show that you reasonably had the debt in the first place, they can produce a reconstituted agreement (which even a half cut Cornish leprechaun could do) and you have been servicing the debt (which you have).

You can blame this on the Claims Management Companies for screwing us mere mortals over!
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By DuffNCustard
#265193 If your purpose is to shake them up a SAR generally does seem to have that effect - but it costs £10.

In the case of Mr Duff who made such a request of HFC /Restons it certainly seemed to make them pinch the cheeks of their @rse ! The resultant hefty wad of data was most useful too.

Mr Duff's strategy was to robustly demonstrate his sound grasp of the law and his rights - starkly contrasting Restons business model that relied upon debtors being uninformed, ignorant and fearful.

Each of his actions were part of an overall plan executed with clinical precision. It was all planned with ruthless, military efficiency and it worked :mrgreen:
By rikw
#265333 Do you need to send a postal order for SAR or will a cheque be Ok, has thinking of this has my next move with one of my wife's creditors