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By dollylocks
#251513 Has anyone who has been in an IVA got any experience on just how long it takes for my creditors to get the point that I am in an IVA. 5 weeks on, I am still getting letters of a VERY threatening nature. I am still scanning and emailing on a daily basis almost to my IVA contact at Payplan..... I suppose 5 weeks isnt long, but it seems like a life time. :!: :twisted:
By dollylocks
#255713 Me Again 9 weeks in an IVA and BARCLAYS still keep calling. We have sent letters and faxes to the designated number - the one they give me - and my Payplan IVA guy tells me that all has been sent, so WHY do they keep calling......& HOW DO I STOP THEM
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By TalbotWoods
#255723 Dolly

Start their complaints procedure, and should they not stop they would then fall foul of the banking Code, and end up being fined. ... 2558122337

They even have a complaints form for you to use, but keep record of all correspondence (Post is best and preferably recorded for the initial step! Or both!)