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By keep smiling
#471434 Hi,

I have been in a DMP with Payplan for the past 5 and a half years, a combination of their skills and this website has kept us sane over that period. The initial 6 months before we found Payplan was a nightmare with the phone calls, the past years have been bliss, until the past year with one creditor.

At the end of 2012 I received a letter from a well known debt company (who already have one of my agreed debts) regarding a small mail order debt.

Letters from me saying the debt wasn't mine, were ignored and it was finally passed to a collections agency.

A stern 'prove the debt' letter from me was sent along with reporting to relevant authorities etc. Then in 2013 letters from the collection agency and original debt company were received agreeing the debt wasn't mine, it was somebody else and all details about me have been removed from their systems.

Well blow me, a year later I've had another letter from them asking me to contact them regarding this debt, which last year they agreed wasn't mine !!!

So do I politely respond (bearing in mind they do manage a legitimate debt of mine) or do I get nasty and report them to every authority possible.


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By TalbotWoods
#471441 If it is to the same company, get tough with them, if it is to another be kind but firm!

Invoke their formal complaints process, and remind them that you can take the matter to the FCA and ICO as they are defiantly in breach of the rules now.

Also if you are still with Payplan, just let your case officer know, so this can be added as a note to your files, in case they try raising this with them effectively cutting you out!

By keep smiling
#471442 Thank you, good advice especially regarding letting Payplan know.

You are right, they could try to go direct without letting me know.
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By JaneClack
#471445 Payplan would not add a debt without your agreement that it was valid.
So take Tim's advice - and, incidentally, they have to prove you owe not the other way round. And - a lot of catalogue debt is never enforceable anyway :)