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By death angel
#460853 Don't you just love automated replies. This one made me smile.

Our CC statement arrived today from the Co-operative Bank.

We now owe them £0.

According to the statement I now have to pay them nothing on the 27th January. I don't quite know how could prove that. But it made me smile anyway.

It brought back memories of the telephone call from MBNA we had after we had paid £30 to clear a CC debt. We got a call from them saying we hadn't met the minimum payment of £75 we agreed on our DMP. It took quite a while for it to sink in with the caller that we hadn't meet the terms of the DMP because we owed less than the agreed monthly figure.

Whoo hoo, only one more CC and a couple of bank loans left to pay off.

7 years ago with over £150k of debt including the mortgage we thought we would lose the house and everything. But here we are still in our home and just a couple of years away from being totally debt free.

So my New Year message is to keep your chin up it's only money you owe and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy New Year everyone. :D :D :D
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By TalbotWoods
#460873 Happy Easter DA

Good words of advice to anyone who drops in and reads. £150K is no mean to deal with and you have dont it with great dignity, well maybe!

As to the Co-op and MBNA

Remember the old saying

"It takes a human to make a mistake, but takes a computer to make an utter, total, complete :censored: "
By death angel
#461213 It gets even better BOS refused the December payment from Step Change and I was asked called BOS to find out why.

The reason is we have overpaid by £11 and are in credit. Refund on the way!

So that's another one down.

Only £500 left to pay on one CC and then two bank loans to clear.

At this rate we will be debt free when I retire.
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By TalbotWoods
#461233 Ha! Depends on how much further it is raised :shock: :shock: