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By music77
#415623 Dear All
Many moons ago I was a very poor student, living on a student grant & my current account from Barclays.

As soon as I graduated, they demanded a huge £££ per month to clear my then large overdraft. As I wasn't earning much then, I sought legal advice from the Citizen's Advice Bureau and the whole account was closed & a CCJ was enforced. Since then - every month for the past 12 years - I pay a couple of £s per month to honour my CCJ.

I want to make an offer of 15-20% of the total balance (which is about £9.5k in total) of which 1/2 the balance is actually interest they kept on adding before the CCJ was agreed.

I am now working full-time but am not in a position to clear the total balance. I want to satisfy the debt once and for all as myself & my partner hope to get a mortgage soon. I am debt free apart from this CCJ.

I tried calling their debt recovery debt tonight and was very aggressively questioned by a female recovery agent as to my current earnings, new address and personal details as they have no up-to-date records for me even though I have never missed a payment but have never received a statement or contact from them since the CCJ was established.

As we don't want our current address or contact details added to this CCJ account, can anyone advise if a PO Box Address could be set-up to deal with final settlement offer? As anyone on here dealt with Barclays Recovery dept?

Any advice will be extremely appreciated.
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By TalbotWoods
#415643 Hi music77

It sounds that the CCJ is still live with the original creditor, and with that particular bank you may find a uphill struggle to get them to accept a F&F.

First thing, the CCJ will have fallen off your Credit Files and will not be shown on the Registry Trust (they who hold the records of CCJs) so it would not show up a credit search, but if asked legally you are obliged to tell creditors you have one.

Now to start to address this CCJ, you need to find the following

:arrow: How much is left on the CCJ
:arrow: Can they confirm that the amounts you have been making have been applied to the account.
:arrow: Breakdown of all charges, etc applied to the account SINCE the CCJ

Yes they are going to need your address, or they can refuse to deal with you formally, including any future F&F offer you make, as PO Boxes are not recognised as legal addresses in the UK (They are only recognised as 'convenience' addresses).

It maybe that you can build a case very good case for a F&F, but there is nothing that can be done to make them accept it.

You have to look at it from their side, the court awarded the CCJ, they said you have to pay X amount, which you have done for the past 12 years, you have dropped of their addresses, you haven't kept them informed of the changes of addresses, etc.

But one step at a time, find out IN WRITING what is left.

By music77
#415773 Dear Tim

Thanks so much for your reply.

I know what the final balance is but will ask for this in writing first. I did keep them up to date of my current address years ago but they then passed it around to various debt management compnaies and that's when Barclays themselves could not trace my account after I approached Barclays directly for annual statements over the years.

Do you know what criteria they assess F&F/reduced settling payment and what your earnings have to be before they will only accept a full balance payment?

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By TalbotWoods
#415783 Hi

When dealing with Barclays please make sure you get everything in writing, you will be surprised how many phone calls and agreements made over the phone get lost with Barclays, they have been warned numerous times by the offical organisations about it, but ......!!.

If you have the stuff in writing at least you have the proves to raise complaints if needed.

A lot will depend on how much the debt was for for, what you are paying monthly, how well you have been paying, how long it will take to pay off, have they been applying statutory interest, account interest ,etc.

They may have given you a ballpark figure, but get it in writing, it may be different in writing (and it has been on several occasions) they are quite good at this, as their staff are paid commission of collections made.

Put as to offering F&Fs I have always advocated stopping low and seeing what they say, they may agree (and it does happen) BUT ONLY GET AGREEMENTS IN WRITING, as another person may 'forget the phone call' or 'claim their is nothing in the notes'.