Questions about Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Insolvency.

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#45112 Hi

A member from my IP office has just phoned me to book an appointment to come and see me, he said it is a compliance thing and will take approx 30 mins.

Has anyone any idea what they are looking for or are they just checking to see if i am who i say i am?

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#45123 They need to read through a booklet with you.

Its nothing to worry about its just to make sure you know what your doing and you know the implications of an IVA and what it entails.

Its also to discuss Bankruptcy with you again to make sure you know what that entails.

Really its nothing to worry about.

Its just for compliance all IPs are supposed to meet with their clients. In practice it does not always happen but they are ment to.

Have you had the booklet "is a voluntary arrangement right for me"? Its a blue booklet about 8 pages long. Thats the one he will read through and get you to sign.
#45126 Thanks Matthew

Yes I have the booklet, glad its nothing to worry about.

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